Selfie Sunday Sentiment!

This Selfie Sunday Sentiment is a double dipper. There are two pictures, they are taken on the same day, within a few hours. One picture is with make-up, one picture is without make-up. The main take away from this Selfie Sunday Sentiment is I am me, not matter if I’m dolled up or dressed down, my personality does not change, nor do my values. I think that I am beautiful either way. I hope that all of you are happy as well.

  1. Do you feel better with or without make up? Why?


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Up in the Air! 3,100 ft

It was a smooth take off, we just kept flying higher and higher and faster and faster. Now we’re soaring in the clouds.

My heart is fluttering with excitement of this journey I’m on. Whilst up in the skies my thoughts drift to those who I’ve left on the ground, family & friends all whom wish me well tell me to enjoy myself. I promise I will!

3,3100 Feet in the Air as of 8:45a.m.
Seatbelt sign is off, headphones are in with whatever is being showed on the t.v. at the moment, I’m not really sure what the movie is but it has, Zoe dechanel and Megan Fox in it.

Time to Board!

I’m was in group 3, and that group began to line up right after the announcement that we were boarding, jumping on the band wagon I decided to line up too, before the line became too long. Good decision on my part for sure. The line grew quickly.

Everything is being checked baggage, passengers, and may I say that the plane is not freezing it’s actually quite warm. That was unexpected.


And we’re moving 8:15am on time!!


Thoughts on how we were called to board our flight

“We would like to invite everyone who has a disability to board please board the plane,
I would like to invite military personnel to please board the plane,
We would like to invite groups 1&2
We would like to invite groups 3,4, &5 to please board.”

Maybe it’s just me but I’m not sure how I feel about them saying inviting all individuals with disabilities, it may be for convienence purposes but it also feels that it’s singling out these individuals. I would have prefered them to say

“We would like to invite all individuals with disabilities, military personnel, and those with small children under 3 up board”‘

This way no one is singled out.

Time to Travel!

Dulles International Airport

I left the house toys morning at 4:30 am, thanks mom for driving me! It has definitely been an early morning.

Currently, I’m sitting at Gate D21. Thinking back now it does seem like arriving three hours early was too many hours early. Never the less I‘m content with arriving here at 5am.

I feel that it I arrived later I would have been more stressed out about arriving on time. The roads would probably have been more conjusted, and the airport in general more crowed. Thus, arriving early allowed me easy smooth travel to the airport, through security, and to the departure gate.

Side note, TSA guidelines state that for travelers traveling outside the United States should plan to arrive three hours early before their departure time. Being a my first solo international flight, I’m going to take that advice.

Going through the Check-In Online

Yesterday I checked in online at my friends house. Using their computer I downloaded the United Airlines applications on my phone.

First, your airline my(United Airlines) will send you am email for checking in online, 24 hours before your flight. I decided too download their Android application. On this application I enter my flight details as well as uploading an image of my passport, on their secured network. They then emailed me my boarding pass to print out.

After printing out my flight information I headed home put the boarding pass into a safe place, finished packing, and hit the hay.

At Dulles International Airport

Physically checking in at the airport was smooth, easy, & painless. I attribute this to printing out my boarding pass prior to my arrival.

Pre- printing my boarding pass meant I didn’t need to go to the kiosk or the counter, I’m not checking a bag so I headed straight to security.

Again, at security, the process was smooth, easy, and painless.

I admit I’m a little tired, which could be why I thought in my head “tell them you have a belt on”. Instead I told then I had a belly button ring and forgot about the belt until after stepping into the machine.

This resulted in me removing my belt and being subjected to a full body pat down. All the while I’m apologizing for forgetting to tell them that I had the belt on.

I thanked them, told them to have a nice day and continued my journey to the terminal/gate.

Travel to the Terminal

The last time I was at Dulles International Airport, I rode on a mini metro to my terminal. I had missed the buses that I had rode on when I was younger. This time I wasn’t disappointed. I was able to rode on the large buses.

I was told by the dentist that the buses reminded him of star trek, all I know is that I was able to ride on the huge, elevated, bouncy, bus to my terminal, bringing back many childhood memories.


Arrival at the Terminal (Terminal Selfie)

I arrived at the terminal around 5:15-5:30am. The lights were off I was the third person at the dimley lite terminal. I of course wanted to take a selfie and did so. My smile isn’t the best but it’s early. I can slowly see the night sky change to morning and realize it could be a cloudy day.


Without Further Adieu my First Selfie Sunday Sentiment!

This gem… as I’ve named it, is the first Selfie Sunday Sentiment! The Sentiment, this picture captures my quirky side. I am silly, I laugh often, I love to live life, those are emotions and characteristics that are difficult to capture in one picture. However, I believe that this Selfie captures it almost perfectly!

  1. Do you like the idea of Selfie Sunday Sentiment, promoting self-confidence through self love?

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